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A Whole New Summer

At the end of last summer, we discovered that we like having a stable base from which to explore the world.  Don’t get me wrong, traveling is still high on our list of desires and priorities.  We set out last year entertaining the idea of taking an entire year to travel the world, maybe longer.  At the end of the summer we found ourselves missing home.  Continue reading

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Tips for Fellow Travelers

Now that we’re back home, there are a few things I wish I had known about South America beforehand so here’s a short list. Continue reading

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From Peru to Bolivia

We took a daytime tour-bus from Cuzco to Puno. Since service had just been restored a day before, people were still wary of travelling to Puno and thus our bus was almost empty. It was very expensive but we figured the tour would be worth it. Continue reading

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Sacred Valley of the Inkas

We had a bad trip from Arequipa to Cuzco with Fernando (son) alternatively being too cold and burning up. It had been raining for four days in Cuzco and when we arrived it was freezing cold. Although we had reserved a room in a hostel recommended by fellow travelers, we had to move because the room was unbearably cold and we were worried about Fernando’s condition. Continue reading

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Lima, Nazca & Arequipa

We loved Lima.

20110706-112141.jpg Continue reading

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