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Grand Tetons National Park

Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons National Parks are set one right south of the other but the feel is very different between them.  The Grand Tetons’ area is only about a seventh of what Yellowstone covers; however, it receives almost the same number of visitors that Yellowstone receives on any given day and although the Grand Tetons is also a civilized park with roads, gas stations and lodges; overall it feels much quieter. Continue reading

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Alaska: Denali National Park

Our flight to Alaska had some mechanical problems and right before take-off we had to taxi back to the terminal and change planes.  After a two hour delay we were finally boarded on a Disney plane. Continue reading

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A Whole New Summer

At the end of last summer, we discovered that we like having a stable base from which to explore the world.  Don’t get me wrong, traveling is still high on our list of desires and priorities.  We set out last year entertaining the idea of taking an entire year to travel the world, maybe longer.  At the end of the summer we found ourselves missing home.  Continue reading

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