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A Whole New Summer

At the end of last summer, we discovered that we like having a stable base from which to explore the world.  Don’t get me wrong, traveling is still high on our list of desires and priorities.  We set out last year entertaining the idea of taking an entire year to travel the world, maybe longer.  At the end of the summer we found ourselves missing home.  Continue reading

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Tips for Fellow Travelers

Now that we’re back home, there are a few things I wish I had known about South America beforehand so here’s a short list. Continue reading

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Our Nightmarish Bus Ride from Cuenca, Ecuador to Piura, Peru

We took an overnight bus from Cuenca to Piura thinking that it would be less likely for the bus to pick up passengers by the side of the road during the night and hence make our trip less uncomfortable. It turned into a nightmare. Continue reading

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Middle of the World

We spent 4 days in San Francisco de Quito, which was too much. Quito is a big sprawling city set in a valley at 2850m (9350ft) at the foot of the still active Pichincha volcano.

20110625-120002.jpg Continue reading

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Our visit to the Galapagos has been amazing and we’re sad that our time is up. This is a place that all four of us hope to come back to someday. Continue reading

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