Greater Kruger


Arriving in Kruger is exactly as you imagine it to be. There were baboons on the landing runway and elephants on the road.

We saw crocodiles sunning themselves


as we drove to our “hotel”.


Every room is a separate “tent” from where you can look out at the bush. Animals roam freely thru the grounds and thus we were accompanied by a guide whenever we went to/from our rooms.


Every morning at 5:30am we went out on game drives, returning at 9 for breakfast. Out again at 3pm for another game drive, returning at 6 for dinner.


Jeeps can accommodate 7 people plus the guide and the tracker but they never had more than 6 passengers and most of the time it was just the four of us. We saw so many animals that it came to a point where seeing a giraffe was nothing to get excited about.


A herd of elephants bathing is amazing though no matter how many times you see one.





Made even better by the youngsters’ antics.


The Greater Kruger Area is about 20,000,000 hectares, a UNESCO site, and home to thousands of wild animals.



Fish Eagle

Hyena on the prowl

Zebra, Giraffe & Termite Mound

Buffalo w/ Fernandos

We were very lucky to spot several leopards, both resting


and hunting


She was unsuccessful and the impala she was chasing was able to run/jump away. She calmly walked on looking for other prey.





One afternoon, as we stopped for a “sundowner”, Fernando kicked away some elephant dung and left a new colony of termites vulnerable to the sunlight. Our guide quickly covered them back up with other dung, which is abundant.


On our third day here we had to change hotels as construction was begun very close by and it chased all the animals away. Our second hotel wasn’t as nice, it was dated and the people there weren’t the best; but (huge but) it was situated in front of a small waterhole and lots of animals came by at all times of day and night to drink from it.


Baboons & Kudu

We had our meals on the deck overlooking the waterhole.


And sometimes animals would find shade under our very feet.



This little guy had great fun using the dirt bank as a slide climbing up and falling down over and over again until his mom called him over.



“thou shall not pass”


On one afternoon game drive, our guide drove like crazy to get to where the hippos had been sighted in time to watch them come out of the water for the night.


They spend the nights on dry ground munching on grass and the days submerged in water to avoid sunburn.



On our last morning we were incredibly lucky to come across a pack of wild dogs on the hunt.


Kruger is home to 2500 lions, 900 leopards and ONLY 108 wild dogs. People who have been coming to this area for years have never seen them. How incredibly lucky were we?




Female Kudu

Male Kudu

Vervet Monkey

These little guys are Dwarf Mongoose. They are the feared Black Mamba’s fiercest predator. They are the size of my hand and look as if flying when they run. This morning they were curious about us and allowed us to photograph them.


Yellow Beak Hornbill

We spent the most amazing four days here and would love to visit again.

A beautiful end to our Kruger visit.

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  1. In-credible! Thanks for sharing your journey!

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